CRAWL HOLE - a surreal horror comic by Craig Collins and Iain Laurie

Craig Collins
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Crawl Hole - a collection of surreal horror comedy comics by Craig Collins and Iain Laurie. Trilingual comics, relationships past and the terrors of the Vengabus await...

Currently Pay What You Want. 16 pages Black and White with colour cover. Includes work featured in Indie anthologies New British Comics (UK), Top Shelf Online (USA), Lazer Art-Zine (Belgium) and Yuck (Australia).

Nominated for Best Comic and Best Cover at the Scottish Independent Comic Book Awards.

"As usual with these gents, gore, violence and a twisted sense of humour is real high in the mix... All in all, this one is slight, but manages to do the important thing; it’s satisfying, with ideas that make the sum of the experience far greater than the page-count." - Forbidden Planet.

"The breadth of stoires covers the existential angst of modern man, assisted suicide, uncomfortable reunions and childhood nursery rhymes, all filtered through a death metal sensibility.... Collins' warped sensibilities really do hold nothing sacred." - Starburst Magazine.

"Crawl Hole is actually an almost shockingly intelligent endeavour. Collins makes sure that ever tale has a point, that every observation has a meaning, and rather than simply shocking the reader with a barrage of surreal weirdness..." Big Comic Page

"This macabre and darkly humorous duo continue to be a perfect writer/artist pairing... Their take on horror is smart, funny and genuinely unsettling." High Low Comics

"Once again Crawl Hole is material that makes the reader positively delight in the unnerving; if you like your comics riddled with a creepiness that will leave you feeling profoundly uncomfortable after reading then you can’t go far wrong with a Collins-Laurie offering." -  Broken Frontier.

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CRAWL HOLE - a surreal horror comic by Craig Collins and Iain Laurie

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