ROACHWELL - a surreal horror comedy by Craig Collins and Iain Laurie

Craig Collins
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Roachwell - a surreal horror comedy comic by Craig Collins and Iain Laurie.

Currently Pay What You Want. 32 pgs Black and white, colour cover. Also available as a webcomic at Roachwell.

Featured in Indie anthologies Hive 4 and 5 and New British Comics #2. Shorlisted for Best Comic and Best Writer at the Scottish Independent Comic Book Awards.

"It’s a clever, solid, surreal and funny comic – and at its end, it manages all four in one strip." - Forbidden Planet.

"...refreshingly weird, effortlessly funny and at times just plain psychotic... Funny, frightening and a world unto itself..." - Comic Heroes.

"...does run the gamut from laugh-out loud funny to quite disturbing to totally incomprehensible, which may just be an achievement in itself." - The List.

" interesting meld between Collins' absurd blackout gags and Laurie's intensely hatched and grotesque character work". - Rob Clough's The High-Low.

"Collins and Laurie seem to have found a particular synergy together... He’s the perfect vehicle for Collins’ staccato-paced wit." - The Comics Journal.

"This is exquisitely macabre material drenched in a flawless cynicism; wonderfully and self-indulgently morbid in its delivery, it is gruesomely entertaining fare"  - Broken Frontier.

"...these are some bizarre comic strips, some that I found impenetrable and some outright hilarious" - Starburst Magazine.

Thanks for checking it out, let me know what you think! You can catch me on:

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ROACHWELL - a surreal horror comedy by Craig Collins and Iain Laurie

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